Music with Social Consciousness for Young Sino-Québécois

Culture is also expressed through music. As we struggle to finish the film, we are searching for inspiration for relevant, socially conscious music. When we made “Moving the Mountain”, there was music that had arisen from the progressive minority cultural and social movements of the 70’s and 80’s, represented by artists like Charlie Chin and Sean Gunn and Number One Son. That music depicted the cultural consciousness of the time.

We also need music that expresses the state of mind of young Chinese-Québécois at this time. One example of a musical group that reflects the attitude and emotions of  Chinese North American youth today is the American hip-hop group “Model Minority” and The GrandMaster Chu. We hope there will be Sino-Québécois musicians who can also express their realities here and reflect the struggle for identity, inclusion and equal access to jobs and services.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the music of the Model Minority.

Year of the Dragon (Chinese New Year rap)

Want some comic relief? Go to see the Fung Brothers: