Être chinois à Montréal

As we return to the Montréal metropole to do our last series of shoots, there are two areas that come to mind, Brossard and Verdun. The class differences of these two areas are obvious. Many Chinese fleeing the turnover of Hong Kong back to China in 1997 immigrated to Brossard in the 90’s, attracted by large and relatively inexpensive houses, compared to HK. The HK money developed the strip malls of Chinese restaurants and groceries along Taschereau Blvd.

In contrast, with relatively cheaper housing in the plexes (2 to 6-plexes) of Verdun, recent immigrants from mainland China with more modest means have blended into this working class neighbourhood. The Chinese are the biggest source of immigration to Verdun in recent years. Along Wellington Street, we have Chinese storefronts and restaurants melding into the new landscape of Verdun re-development.

Chinese father and son grocery shopping

When I was growing up in Verdun in the 1960’s there were three Chinese families. On a recent stroll along Wellington, I passed no fewer than 5 Chinese parents walking with their children.

I should mention that there are other enclaves of Chinese establishments along Ste. Catherine street west and in Ville St. Laurent. These will be subjects of future studies on Sino-Quebec.

 Multi-ethnic neighborhood, Wellington St.

– WGW Dere

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