From the Cutting Room Floor (1)

“Sometimes what was left out may be as important as what was left in”                                                                                                                                                    –        A Wise Old Film Editor

We are entering the stage of the rough edit with our editor Meiyen Chan, who did such a masterful job editing “Moving the Mountain.”

Here are some of the more controversial discoveries I made along the road that may or may not make the final cut.

  • At the Jardins de Métis, where Bethany fell in love with Quebec, there came to light a historical alignment of stars between the development of Canadian capitalism and early Chinese immigrants. The Jardins de Métis is owned by the Reford family.
    • The summer home of Lord Mount Stephen, 1st president of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), was built inside the present Jardins de Métis grounds, overlooking the magnificent St. Lawrence River.
    • The government granted the CPR $25M to build the transcontinental railway. The Chinese not only built the CPR in the West but also helped finance it with the $23M paid in Head Tax.
    • The Chinese, being major customers, also contributed to establishing the Reford family empire in the rice business. Alexander Reford, director of the Jardins de Métis, told me that the Mount Royal Rice Mill (MRRM) was set up in Victoria by Robert Reford in 1885 (year of completion of the CPR) to mill rice from the far east to supply the Chinese population in BC. Ottawa imposed a tariff on foreign milled rice to keep the price of rice milled in Canada artificially high.
  • Quebec Premier Jean Charest’s recent delegation to China included Winston Chan, a young member of Conseil supérieur de la langue française.  Quebec Inc. has been courting the new social-capitalists of China for some time now, including major participation in the famous Three Gorges Dam project. The state monopoly Hydro-Quebec  and Engineering giant SNC-Lavalin were actively involved in that project.

More later. …..